Wizkid Has Something To Say About The Xenophobic Attacks

Wizkid joins many Nigerians on social media to condemn the xenophobic attack by South Africans on Nigerians.

South Africans launched a renewed attack on businesses of foreigners including those belonging to Nigerians, burning down shops owned by non-indigenous of South Africa.

Wizkid took to his twitter account to react to the killings and violence.

Disheartening to watch these videos from my home! You’re fighting the wrong war , fighting the wrong people. How do we walk around hating each other? Africa is one! We’re all the same people! Pls don’t loose yourself! #SayNoToXenophobia One Love ❤️
Pls educate yourselves, educate the kids , educate the youth! We’re all humans before anything else! “Humans” !! And most importantly “Africans”